Marketing Analytics Dashboard For Plumbers!

Is Internet Marketing Worth It?

The most important question our customers have is "so how will I know if this is working?" We are able to give them a simple answer. We have a complete dashboard that allows you to easily track how many leads we generated and your marketing costs for Google, Bing and Facebook.

We understand the importance of complete transparency and we want you to be able to easily see how we spend every single dollar in your advertising budget.

Helping You Follow the Money

The one piece of advice that I give for small business when looking for an internet marketing agency is to know how each and every single dollar is spent. Several agencies charge a lump fee that "includes your advertising spend and their management fee." Many of these companies will pocket the majority of your budget and spend a tiny fraction on Google. With the analytics dashboard our clients are able to track their spend and see clearly see their spend for Google, Bing and Facebook. 

Use Call Tracking Numbers 

We can create a unique phone number that automatically sends people to your main line. If they call this unique number than we will know how they found you and what part of the marketing mix to credit for the new lead. We also have the option to record the phone call so we can easily determine the quality of these leads.

Optimize Based on Performance

With this analytics dashboard we are able to see what is performing best and make changes accordingly. For example, if we see that you are getting more calls from Google than Facebook than we can move easily move budget.

Call for personal & professional service

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